Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Commitment and tangled yarn...

I'm still trying to unpick the mess on my desk and turn it into a concrete idea for a project. It feels like a big thing, making plans for a new blanket and committing to design, but I think it's the right way to go. Commit to an idea, then do it. Yes?
It always starts with yarn... this is squishy, merino, aran weight yarn. Soft, warm, and quick to work up into a large project, good for blanket making. Not so good for the time of year maybe?! The colours though - perfect spring colours.
We always get a lovely mix of blue, pink and yellow in the garden at this time of year. Sturdy bergenias surrounded by self-sown forget-me-nots. More often than not a rogue dandelion or two pop up nearby, not wholly unwelcome, very cheery and great for the children to pick freely!
Ponies too, enjoying the spring sunshine and an alfresco bath this week! A concession to my littlest desiring a dip in the paddling pool. Not yet, but soon I'm sure...
Back to the blanket plans, I've been swatching...
Chevrons, zig-zags, ripples... in jewel-like colours. It's coming together, not fixed yet, but getting there. I might even tuck it away for a bit and mull it over, get on with a few summery bits and bobs in the meantime and wait for the right time. Not sure I'm ready to commit to this one just yet!!


  1. The sneak peeks at the blanket look quite appealing, but it's true, it's one hell of a commitment! I guess it will find it's own pace. So often it's put away and comes back out. The wool looks lovely. Your garland is ready too and I think next week now will find it's way over to you, plus a few other things! X

    1. sorry Claire, I just realized I have got my Claire's mixed up, you must have wondered what an earth I was talking about! sorry to confuse you. X

  2. I find when I'm planning a big project that there's a kind of hump I need to get over, somewhere between thinking about it all/swatching and actually starting with the first stitch. Does that sound familiar? But as Heather says, these things find their own pace I think, and one day you just begin.

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