Sunday, 18 August 2013

Free Pattern - Easy Crochet Cushion

My lovely, squidgy, stripey crochet cushion. It is already much loved, cuddled, sat on and thrown around (by the children), and holding it's own I'm pleased to add. I've finished writing up the pattern here and if anyone has the time/inclination to make one, please let me know, I would love to see the results.

I also found a home for all the lovely Crochet Camp Flowers that I made...

... and they have leaves now too!


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  1. The flower garland looks so cheerful and I'm sure will look pretty anywhere in the house.

  2. This cushion is the cutest! I love the way you finished the end with buttons. And, the flower garland looks perfect over the door. Thank you for sharing such great ideas! Take care:)

  3. Love the stripes on your cushion, it looks very soft and cosy.

  4. The look great, love the cushion, shame I can't crochet!
    In a Pickle

  5. Two gloriously cheerful projects! The camp flowers are lovely, but the cushion is my favourite - I've stopped smoking again so been looking for a crochet to keep my dangerously idle hands occupied, thanks for sharing! :)

  6. What a lovely cushion! I really like stripey crochet, it always looks fab. And your bunting is wonderful x

  7. Lovely makes. The flower garland is really pretty.
    Ali x

  8. These look lovely - super pictures, Jo x


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