Monday, 20 April 2015

New Camera, crochet and reward charts...

I've got a lovely new camera and I find that I'm behaving just as I did when I got a lovely new camera when I was 16!
I'm taking photos of all sorts of not terribly interesting things, not terribly well...
...and lots of the cat!
She stays still marginally longer than the children (who automatically start flinging their arms about, pulling faces and posing whilst never actually staying still!)
I spent most of last week catching up with the post-holiday tidying, noticing that the party decorations from Martha's birthday (well over a month ago) are still up and trying to plan to make best use of that precious time when I have the house to myself.
And we made a new reward chart (as I previously said about not very interesting photos....). I've a little bit of a crush on all thing monochrome at the moment (blamed completely on Instagram), so marker pen and white card is very satisfying.
 ...and trying to unpick my crochet plans from my very messy desk and get on with them.


  1. Looks like you are enjoying everyday life such is very special. I'm excited to see what you're crocheting! Hugs from me, Pat

  2. Good luck with the new camera, the shots look pretty good. x


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