Friday, 2 January 2015

Things I finished in 2014 (Hooray!)

Truth be told, I've been thinking about this post for a few days. A little nervous about it even.
I wrote a post this time last year, a list in fact, of all the neglected projects cluttering my home (and my conscience). This list, along with my usual January zing gave me a mind to try and finish them... all!
No, I haven't! Not even close I'm afraid, but not too disheartened either. I find the process of these things is useful in itself, and as such I feel better armed to make a few tough choices.
I'll put these to one side for the moment however so as to enjoy a quick re-cap of the projects I did manage to finish, both new and old.
Three brand new hats and some thrifty, upcycled old sock wristwarmers. I'm pleased to say that one year on the hats are still keeping small heads warm and I still love my wristwarmers - they've had far more use than the old socks ever did!
Cotton hearts, mini baskets, a knitted bunny and Martha's lovely ripple blanket.
Another finished blanket, a very cosy pom pom scarf (child size - I am still pondering a giant version for myself, but not sure whether I have the patience for that much knitty garter stitch), my granny hat and infinity scarf.
Of course, there was my Hettie blanket too...
I enjoy this process of winding up one year and planning for the next, in fact I suspect I enjoy the planning a little more than the doing! I'll be back with a few plans soon...


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