Saturday, 22 February 2014

Blanket catch up...

I have been reacquainting myself with Martha's ripple blanket. Partly because it dawned on me that I have been much neglecting my list of things that need finishing (a bit naughty, I should have finished something by now) and partly because it is her birthday in two weeks time. Two weeks today precisely in fact. Martha will be five - how time marches on.

Martha's blanket-to-be lives in a little wicker basket underneath the coffee table in our living room. It sits there everyday, most of the time with something else on top of it. Not the cat, the something else is to keep the cat off.
Occasionally I open the basket and carry on with a bit of ripple-y crochet, then tuck it all away for another day. If I run out of yarn, I buy a bit more and carry on. There is no real plan. I started the blanket to generously fit the width of Martha's bed then just sort of got on with it, letting it grow. I thought I'd stop when it got big enough!

Well, I thought it was about time I had a proper look to see what needs doing. Time for a proper plan. Time to get it finished so I can bundle it up and wrap it nicely for Martha's birthday.
It turns out there is still plenty to do, but not as much as I thought. Less than half in fact. Doubts about the whole thing had started to creep in a little if I'm honest (the way these doubts do when you've been doing a thing for long enough), but they were soon shooed away by seeing it out. All nicely spread out in neat ripples.
Then on the bed. The red looks lovely with her red bed just as I'd hoped.
So, some renewed enthusiasm, a list of final requirements and I'm excited that I might actually get this one done in time.
Nineteen ripples to go and a bit of edging, yarn is calculated and ordered.
Wish me luck!

p.s. Do pop by Handmade Harbour this week to see what everyone has been up to...


  1. Half way there well done. The colours do look lovely on the bed and work really well together. I'm sure Martha will be thrilled with it. I don't think I could handle such a large project.
    Ali xx

  2. Thanks Ali, generally I can't either! It helps to have a deadline to spur me on. x

  3. It's looking good, it's going to look great when finished - here's to 19 rows flying by with pleasure:)

  4. It looks lovely on the bed - are you going to edge it in red? I know how it is to get on and finish things - my ripple blanket is progressing very slowly! (and it lives in a knitting box in the living room)!

    1. Thank you - I thought a round of white and then some kind of trim in red (I do love bobbles and pom poms!) x

  5. It's beautiful. I'm sure Martha is going to be snug and warm under it. The colours are lovely and the red of the headboard matches it perfectly. Keep going, you're nearly there... xx

  6. It's looking lovely, I love the idea of a pom pom edging :)

    Jan x

  7. It's gorgeous! You're so nearly there x

  8. It looks lovely and the colours are gorgeous - look forward to seeing it completed. Hope you have a good week

  9. Aww its sooooo gorgeous! The colours are the perfect choice and i love the ripple effect, good luck with getting it finished in time for the big day! x

  10. I read your blog post earlier but didn't have a chance to comment. It's really a lovely blanket and will be perfect for your little girl. The colors are amazing!

  11. She's going to love it, and I always find a deadline makes it easier for me to focus on something too.

  12. Your blanket looks really lovely. Such a big job, but you are nearly there.

  13. Beautiful! A very lucky birthday girl. Jo x

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