Wednesday, 7 January 2015

One thing at a time

This is **Plan Number One** for 2015.
I'm forever telling the children: "I can only do one thing at a time!". So, I think I need to listen to myself and stop trying to crochet several things at once too.
So far so good, seven days in and I have been concentrating all my efforts on one project. It's liberating, in a woolly kind of way. The nagging thoughts of other things that need finishing are a bit quieter and I'm enjoying the process of making something a bit more.
I know, it wasn't long ago that I declared myself a "multi-project person". On reflection (and reading that post back!) it was the start of realising that a bit of focus is not such bad thing and that maybe a bit more willpower could be exercised when a shiny new project catches my eye. So I will resist more, finish more and worry about it less.

What happens when I get half-way through a project and decide I don't like it anymore? Or run out of a particular yarn? Or have a deadline crop up in the middle of another project?

I'm not sure yet, no plan is entirely fool proof... I think I'll have to decide as I go along.

Plan Number Two, coming soon....


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  1. I'm not sure really either what it that makes us hop from one project to another. But does happen! I'm just trying to finish some. Actually that's quite nice too. Have a happy and creative new year. X


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