Sunday, 9 November 2014

I'm a multi-project person...

...and I think I'm always going to be that way. It's hard to not start new a idea straight away, or pick up the lovely new yarn, or give in to the "I could really do with a new one of [fill in your own blank]... I know, why don't I make one?"...
Different projects do suit different moods, different times of day and different situations, but with that comes the danger that nothing ever gets finished. Too much flitting about from one project to another is not a good thing.
So, with that in mind, I thought I'd try and focus my crochet efforts a bit more this week. Not on a single project, I don't think I could manage that, but on a few that are in need of my attention.
Number one: This blanket. A simple, easy, evening project. Just right for cosying up on the sofa with. It's straightforward, only two colours of yarn for each square, and continuous - I've worked out a way to carry the colours along the back of the project without creating an obvious seam, so there's no chopping and changing of yarn every new row. A ticking along in the background project that doesn't require much concentration (perfect for when my brain has given up post-8pm!).
Number two: The Hettie Blanket hexagon tutorials. I'd really like to finish this, this week, and it's nearly there. It's the opposite of my blanket above; it needs concentration and daylight.
I have some hexagons ready to be photographed for a join-as-you-go tutorial, but there's no way I could get this done in the evening when the children are in bed. So this is a project to be tackled during the school-day. In those very precious child-free, daylight crocheting hours.
Number three: My wonky sock is getting lonely (and my feet are pretty chilly too). Once it's cast on this kind of project can live by the sofa and be picked up whenever I have a spare five or ten minutes. The casting on, however, is probably best done as above, when I can concentrate a little. Hopefully then this one will be less wonky.
That was going to be it. Three projects seemed plenty.
Then I remembered the project that had left my mouth before I had engaged my crochet-planning brain cells. In an attempt to pacify a small person, and produce something that might encourage her to wear more than a t-shirt outside in November, I found myself suggesting a Disney-inspired something. Turns out I had some yarn in a suitably sickly Disney shade and so project number four came into being. In an attempt to turn it into something more productive, once I have the details worked out I'm planning to translate the pattern into a much more palatable yarn. For now, I'll be fending off the over-enthusiasm of the small person in question, who is currently requesting pictures of *insert frosty Disney character of choice* on the front (not going to happen!).
This is what I will be working on this week - what have you got planned? (I would genuinely like to know - I'm quite nosey!)

p.s. I'm hopping over to Handmade Monday this week to have a nose at what everyone has been up to...


  1. Goodness, it looks like you have a busy week ahead. Everything you're making looks so wonderfully cosy and inviting, perfect for the approaching winter months, i especially like your sock, i hope it gets its partner soon! :)

  2. Busy you!! I have 3 rows of edging to complete my giant grannies stripe blanket, lots of squares to join for a snuggly sofa blanket, washcloth for teachers gifts and then circles in squares for another blanket!! Now breathe xx

  3. What a lot you have to do! I have half finished projects all over the place! I decided to put รก mamt as I could into a box last week in an attempt to be able to locate them! I have a couple of workshops and a stall to plan for, not sure how far I will get tho! Lol xx

  4. I loved reading this post about all your works in progress. I too have a few; a knit scarf with a complicated beaded pattern, a crocheted doily and a couple of others things. But, right now I am enjoying crocheting a blanket - much like your beloved pattern for your Matha blanket. I hope you have a great week and I wish you much progress in your endeavors:)

  5. I love the look of your first blanket. Love the colours. I am not sure what it says about me as I tend to have just one project on the go at a time.

  6. Wow you are rather busy! I often have lots of projects on the go too. This week I have lots more bows to make and I'm working on a bunting project too.

  7. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who has a multi-project disorder. Oh I love the design of the blanket at the top and with the weather gettting colder it will be in demand soon. Hope you have a lovely crafty week.
    Ali xx

  8. Oh I can totally see why you'd never be able to choose between them to work on just one, though I'll admit it's the colours in the sock that are calling to me most! And full credit you your crochet skills if your little ones think you can crochet Anna, Elsa and the rest!!

  9. You have some great cosy makes on the go... I totally agree re precious daylight hous:)


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