Wednesday, 12 November 2014


It was one of those bitty kind of days.
A trip into town to pick up a red t-shirt ordered online. Essential kit for a costume to be made for Friday. My eldest, not the shy and retiring sort when it comes to dressing up, has requested a Wonder Woman costume for school - in aid of Children in Need, so I'm happy to oblige, albeit in a more age appropriate fashion than the picture that was quickly produced as an example for me to copy!
A set of curtains that needed hanging. They're an old set given to me by my great-aunt, curtain tape and hem added by my Mum, and then after a lot of repairing, screwing back together and glueing of the curtain rail, jumping in the car to fetch curtain hooks and more rings from the DIY shop, re-adjusting the curtain rail, I finally got them in place. They're quite a heavy velour-type fabric... and beige.
But beige is fine, they'll keep out the chill and keep in more of the warmth from our lovely wood burner. Do you want to see? Have a nose at my rather unremarkable beige curtains and a peek at my front room? Here you go....

I did tidy, a bit, just for you ...and felt like an estate agent taking the photo!

I had a bit of time left for some concentrated woolly-ness, but not enough for full-on hexagon tutorial writing, so I dug out the rest of my sock wool, my toothpick double-pointed knitting needles and cast on a partner for my wonky sock.

I found a good tutorial explaining how to cast on with dpns and join to work in the round by Tin Can Knits. Very helpful, and hopefully the first step to making this sock less wonky than the first.

Now it's underway, I'm enjoying my sock knitting again, and it's keeping me company on the sofa, ready and waiting for whenever I have a few spare minutes and a cup of tea to hand.

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  1. I envy sock makers. I hate dpn's, too fiddly so I will probably never make socks. which is sad. in a way. have a great one!


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