Sunday, 28 July 2013

Finally... Summer Hols.

It's been a week and a half of keeping going, of feeling like I'm one of the children in the back of the car saying "are we nearly there yet?".  It's been a week and a half crammed full of end of term school stuff, bringing home piles of paper and folders, and of trying to tidy and organise the house in readiness for six weeks holiday.

The latter never really happened! I managed two shelves when, as usual, my intention was far more grand (in my head the house always ends up looking like a picture from one, or more, of the lovely blogs I read - completely unachievable with three small children).

Last week felt like there was so much going on yet I was accomplishing very little, until I took a peek at my camera...

...there was a bit more of the rug for the girls' room than there was the week before...

 ...and some cornflowers from the allotment sitting on...

...a crochet mandala (pattern:

So instead of measuring my week and a half in unfulfilled plans and end of term busy-ness, I will measure it in completed projects and stiches, in extra rounds added and in the satisfaction that I have done something that, unlike the chaos of small children and never ending housework, is tangible.

Mind you, we have also achieved another year of school, so maybe a little bit of chaos is acceptable...

p.s. linking to Handmade Harbour this week for Handmade Monday.


  1. What a great photo of your daughter on the slide. And your mandala is lovely.

    Visiting from Handmade Harbour.

  2. I love that photo of your daughter. I think that rug is going to look awesome in their room.

  3. Your crochet looks beautiful, and I love the idea of a crochet rug for a bedroom.

  4. Your daughters are going to have a lovely rug in their room, I'm quite jealous. The cornflowers are gorgeous, they're one of my favourite summer flowers. What I could see of your kitchen looks lovely too (busy shelves are a sign of life!).
    Have a lovely week.

  5. I think mums underestimate what they have packed into one day! The rug is looking fabulous. How clever.

  6. Forget about the organising, the time passes so quick it's more important to enjoy it. The photo of your daughter on the side is brilliant. I bet she had a great time. Your mandalais gorgeous I really like the colours you've chosen.
    Ali x

  7. It is a waste of time organising before the holidays - i8t would only get all messed up in no time again. Great idea to focus on what you had done. Hope your holidays continue to be so much fun. xx

  8. It's an achievement just to survive the last couple of weeks of term withouht worrying about getting anything done! And organising for the holidays? Are you mad?? I actually do no organising or cleaning during the holidays as I just feel so depressed with the mess that follows afterwards. Just "live" through the hols and organise at the end!

  9. You're far more organised than me!! All your finished projects look lovely and what a great photo! Enjoy the summer, Jo x


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