Thursday, 6 November 2014

Remember, remember...

The children were eagerly peering out of the windows last night. "Why aren't there any fireworks yet, Mummy?"... waiting for the pops, bangs and fizzes.
Dark evenings and chilly mornings - at last! This morning was chilly, a little damp, a proper November morning. Perfect for an extra pair of socks (I forgot and my feet are still warming up!), handwarmers, a scarf maybe even? A bit of extra woolly goodness; portable coziness on the way to school.
Autumn (my favourite season), so far, has been unseasonably warm. Lovely, beautiful, warm Autumn days. I've been tidying up in the garden, and the grapes on our vine, this year, have been fatter and sweeter than ever.
As the colours outside erupt and fade, these jolly cyclamen will keep going, brightening things up on the dullest of days (and we've had a couple of those already!)
Dull days really are hopeless for taking photos, but I'm going to stop fretting about it. It can't be helped in the UK at this time of year and I can't schedule the sunny days to coincide with a child-free photo-taking or blogging opportunity. My photos, here, will be whatever they are for a while...
On a more positive note, my hexagon tutorials are very nearly done. I'm planning a 'recipe' for my Hettie Blanket and I'm just working out the best way to link all the bits and pieces together. As soon as it's done, you'll be the first to know. Promise.

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  1. Love the hexagon. Want to try this too.


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