Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Some thoughts...

1. Pincushions should be cushion-sized (relatively speaking).
I only realised this after I became the bewildered recipient of several rectangular, decidedly cushion-like pincushions. Not knowing what to make of them they found a use as pillows for the children's many toy babies - they are the perfect size for this and we have a maternity ward's worth of plastic upstairs in need of pillows! It was only after a visit to my Great Aunt (giver of aforementioned pincushions) that I realised the genius in their size and I appreciated what I had been missing. These are not just pincushions, they are a crafter's holdall; a 3D moodboard-come-workstation. Cushion for not just pins and needles, but ribbon and fabric swatches, samples of yarn, buttons and safety pins (why I had not thought of this last one before escapes me). All pincushions will herewith be upsized in future.

 2. Making a thing for a child inevitably means that thing will need a wash, at some point.
I am aware of this, and have been aware of this when making things for my children. Today, we reached that point with Martha's Blanket. It is still very new. I want to put it in the machine, but that makes me nervous... I will have to revisit the ball-band instructions and ponder this some more.

3. Deramores Blog Awards!!!
Congratulations to the winners and their lovely blogs. Also to all the other lovely blogs that entered, because they are lovely - do go and have a look. How mine was noticed in amongst them by the judges I'm not sure, I'm still a bit stunned (I have stopped checking the page quite as often to make sure I haven't made a mistake), and I'm so very, very pleased with my commendation (understatement). Thank you Deramores Blog Award judges.
4. Finishing projects is excellent.
I will do it more! (I still have about 10, more than 10 maybe, things on my list)

 5. I have an idea for another blanket.
I am reminding myself often of thought number 4., but it is a good idea and I may not be able to ignore it for much longer... I will try and finish this blanket first...



  1. Massive well done on your commendation for the blog awards. I thought it was very well deserved :-)

  2. Helloo!!!!!!
    Just popping by to say Hi, and that I really love your blog! I have loved pootling through your posts and enjoying your gorgeous crochet, the commendation in the recent blog awards is very well deserved I must say.
    And yes, Ta-dah moments are hard to beat :)
    Love Lucexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Congratulations on having your blog featured on the Deramores site. I love your blog and right now I'm making "Martha's blanket". Thanks for such great ideas :)


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