Sunday, 15 June 2014

Getting on with it...

... inevitably means making decisions, and in spite of a busy couple of weeks I've managed to make a few crochet project related ones. (There is also a decision still to be made... but more of that in a bit).
I washed Martha's Blanket! - in the washing machine. The ball band instructions said 40 degrees would be fine, so I did it on a 30 degree wool wash to be safe.
It was fine! Nothing to worry about after all and much better for it. In fact it's the best it has been - even softer for a wash.
I've also been cracking on with the Hexagon Blanket. Up until now I've been doing it without much of a plan (no surprise there!), but finishing generally requires an idea of where you're headed. So, I've evened up the shape...
I pretty sure it's going to end up square and now it has definite sides and corners this will be much easier to achieve.
I'm also trying to keep track of how many hexagons of each colour I have completed. I'd like it to be an even tally overall, even if the pattern is random. As I am joining the hexagons in as I go along I can't make a nice pile of hexagons in the right proportion of colours and then join them together.
So I worked out how to do the next best thing...
I'm working four rounds of hexagon in each colour and leaving it attached to the ball of yarn. Then, I can go around the edge of my blanket, attaching each hexagon on it's fifth round knowing which colours I still need to add and which I don't.
(I promised Elspeth I'd include this picture with her foot in!)
The Hexagon Blanket is well on it's way now, and to think that this time last year I was deliberating over exactly the same thing! (See the post here).
The thought of a new blanket is spurring me on. It's a very tempting carrot indeed. So much so that I haven't been entirely successful at containing it. You know the point at which a new idea becomes so overwhelming that a bit of it is bound to escape somewhere?
Well here it is...
My excuse being that I needed to decide on yarn weight (obviously!). I'm pretty certain it will be in 4ply.
I haven't bought any yarn yet, but it is testing my willpower to it's limits. The yarn used to make this sample is from my stash.
And so, to my final decision. One yet to me be made... I wonder if you can help? I'd be so very grateful for a bit of advice...
This is the Rainbow Rug I've been making for the children's bedroom.
It's not finished, but there's quite a lot of it, quite a lot of work, stitches, crochet... all the things that make it hard to make the sort of decision I think I need to make.
I don't really like it anymore!
The colours are bugging me - the darker ones especially. I think I need to take them out and maybe put in some white. It all feels a bit dense, a bit too saturated.
And if I'm going to rip it back (pretty much completely), then maybe I could change the shape too? I really like the spokes and the way it feel like a giant mandala, but now I'm wondering whether to do a rectangular rug, something a little more geometric? Hmmmmm..... I think I'm a bit stuck!
For the moment I'll carry on with this...
... at least I know where I'm headed.
p.s. Last year, I linked my post to Handmade Monday. Everyone was so helpful, I thought I'd do it again...


  1. Great Job on the HEX!
    So how big is the ROUND one? If it's not too large, your could attach it to a big flat cushion.. Something in a solid "medium"-toned colour. But not white. Perhaps a leafy green or milk chocolate brown?
    -- I'd really hate to see you take it apart! Although visually, I understand where you're coming from... If the colours had been in more concentrated bits like the HEX blanket, it might've worked. But with Striping, it helps to keep with the same TONES. You've got at least 2 or 3 going on with This. Had the Navy been a Royal and the Lime been Green and the Crimson a Bright Red, that might've worked..? -- Of course, you could just WASH it and hope that any colour-bleeds will even things out?!

    Then again, I doubt THE KIDS will "complain" once Their toys are scattered about over it! So, I really wouldn't worry about it all. And besides, there's also the option of giving it to Someone who's Colour-BLIND!

    1. Hi, Thanks for your advice. I think you're right about the tones of colour. I'm pretty sure it will have to come apart! The more I think about it, the more I realise I'd hate to waste the yarn on a project I don't like... Claire x

  2. It's always so much reading your blog and seeing what you have been creating. The hexagon blanket is really lovely. I hope you will post a picture of it when it's completed. I've interested in how you will finish the edges. As to the rug, I like the colors and the style. Since it's darker colors and it's a rug, it should be easier to keep clean. Have you thought about doing a popcorn stitch row around the edge? I think this would look nice. I did this stitch on the round afghan I completed and it was fun to do. By the way, I'm still work on my Martha's Blanket. It's such a fun pattern you have created!

    1. Hi, I'm enjoying making the Hexagon Blanket and have been deliberating over edging already - I'll definitely post a picture when it's done. Thanks for your help with the rug - I think varying the stitch might help, and I'm so pleased you're making your own ripple blanket - I would love to see a photo when it's done. Claire x

  3. Absolutely love your hexagon shapes <3
    oh no i cant believe you've fallen out of love with your circular rug, i think its lovely, that's why its so hard for me to advise, as i hate the thought of you frogging it. But if you indeed intend to i would say stick to the circular shape x

  4. I love the rug! It just needs a bold, wide, dark edge to pull it all together. I understand what other people have said about balancing the tones, but I think with a large piece sometimes you have to break the rules. Before you decide to frog it, hide it out of sight for a week or two. Give yourself a chance to forget what it actually looks like and take a break from constantly dwelling on how you wanted it to look. If when you look at it again with fresh eyes you still don't like it, frog it. After all the time and energy you've put into getting the project this far, it at least deserves a little reprieve!

  5. I love, love, love the colours in the rainbow rug, they are bright, vibrant and are perfect for a kiddies room. When it comes to play areas and colours there are no rules. I agree with Beth and think a dark boarder will finish it off and bring it all together. As it's a rug for the childrens room I would stay away from white :)

    Jan x

  6. Lovely to find another blogger this way. Yes you're tight about the uniform too.,love your crochet will stop by for proper read when not at work.x

  7. I love your hexagon blanket, is it hard to make them all the same size? I think it would be a shame to undo all your lovely work on the children's rug, and you could always make another one at a later date if you still really don't like it.


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