Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Finished: Mystery Crochet Blanket

Here it is!
A finished thing, my Mystery Crochet Blanket (Mystery Crochet after the course of the same name I did with The Mercerie last year). I dealt with all those ends...
A very satisfying job to complete.
The blanket is still a bit wonky. Nothing some steam and some blocking wouldn't sort out I'm sure, but honestly, I'm not sure I can be bothered at the moment.
I'm not too fussed by the wonkiness. When it's keeping my knees warm it doesn't really matter that much and when it's lumped over the back of the sofa I don't really notice if the corners don't quite line up.

I love the texture of the different yarns and the stitches; the central log cabin style panel was the perfect way to experiment. I hadn't considered before how the amount of a colour could be as important in a design as the colour you choose.
I have my favourite bits of course...
These stitches in grey, teal, white and mustard, similar to a harlequin stitch I've used before.
The black double crochet stitching around the centre makes it appear as though the central panel has been sewn into it's frame.
The simple teal edging - a last minute decision, and one that surprised me a little ... I was expecting to want more embellishment, something a bit dangly even, but the understated hint of colour is enough I think.
 The block stitching around the edge (I think that's what it's called, maybe 'brick stitch' too?), was also a last minute addition and I'm really pleased with it. It's like a more regimented version of the granny stitch, in fact I like it so much it has sparked an idea for a new blanket!
For now though I will enjoy my finished, wonky blanket and continue to finish things off. Whilst planning new projects of course...


  1. It turned out lovely. I love the different textures with the yarn and stitch variety.

  2. I make crazy quilts out of old clothes and vintage sheets and whatnot but I've got to admit........ I never considered using a "crazy block" for the center of an afghan! Sigh. Another project to add to the ever growing list. Lol! Thanks for an inspired idea! BTW, I love the unexpected pop of color you used for the edging and that you kept it simple....... Its perfect!

  3. Looks fantastic and very creative with the color and stitch palette that you used


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