Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A few things in progress

With my eldest two back at school today, I thought I'd take advantage of the relative quiet (there is still a rather noisy three year old in the house!) and re-focus. The holiday has been hard work and I'm mightily relieved it's over, it also means that I'm appreciating this little space I have even more.
As always, and as an habitual non-finisher, I have plenty of things on the go. I thought I’d share a few with the hope that it might spur me on a little.
Playing with some yarn. Some gorgeous Debbie Bliss Eco Baby Cotton. I love this process and it is a real treat to have the time to do it.
I'm hoping these doodles might eventually turn into place mats or coasters (or both), but I think the design is too open at the moment - a place mat or coaster should be able to catch spills I think.
We started some decorating. I have a feeling this is going to be a long, slow process but I'm pleased it's begun. The house is in desperate need of a spruce up; there is crayon on the walls we have been ignoring for years. (Hopefully the children have now outgrown this charming habit).
And a blanket, at least that's what I have finally decided it will be!
The central panel is something I created at a course by The Mercerie last year (I can't recommend them enough, it was just what I needed). I guess you would call it a stitch-sampler, log-cabin style, but I was left a little stumped by what to do with it. I have lots of other samples in a similar colour theme and my original intention was to join them all together to make a blanket, but I think it would be too busy. 
Simple is what I need right now.
A pick up and put down kind of simple, with everything you need to hand. Something I can do without thinking (well, not too much anyway).
So it had to be a granny border. Simple, rhythmic crochet of the most soothing sort.
The panel in the middle is a mish-mash of yarn and hooks. Experimental, but a lovely reminder of stitches and techniques. The border I'm working on is in The Mercerie's own British Aran yarn on a 5mm hook. I will keep going until it's big enough for my lap (a little way to go yet!).

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