Sunday, 11 May 2014

Normal service will be resumed shortly...

I've been busy, hook in hand, crocheting and sewing, preparing for a fair. I don't do them often. Weekends are too precious at the moment for a whole day to be given over to sitting behind a table (no matter how much I love chatting to people about crochet!)

Having a stall at the Fairy Fair makes complete sense for us however...

We went last year (without the stall) and the girls had such a fab time. This year we can spend the weekend there, with our gazebo (I am quite excited about the gazebo!).
Making for a fair is a different beast entirely, and as the deadline creeps closer the "craft fair panic" starts to set in a little.

Have I got enough stock? (always afraid of my table looking empty). Will people buy the stuff I've made?

I think I need to let the worries go.

I created an excuse for a bit of granny-goodness. A bit of bunting for the front of my stall; the kind of soothing, colourful crochet I love whilst still being productive!

I'm trying to sort the 'things I need to make' from the 'things I want to make' - only I will know if they're not there after all. The two do overlap, but my mind races ahead with ideas and now there are only two weeks to go it's best not to start something new.

If things are a little quiet here for the next couple of weeks, I haven't stopped crocheting. I will be busy, hook in hand, preparing, worrying a little maybe. I'll keep you updated if I can.


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  1. I know exactly what you mean about fairs though I have recently learned that in the past I had really been worrying about nothing- you will be able to fill a stall and people will love your crochet! :-)


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