Friday, 2 August 2013

Crochet Camp 2013: Beginner Flower

I have been following Crochet Camp over at Slugs on the Refrigerator for a couple of weeks now. I wish I had found such a resource when I first started to crochet. Kat's tutorials are lovely and clear with beautiful photos to guide you through each project. There is also a Facebook group for company, reassurance, feedback and of course those final Ta Dah! moments.

I must admit, I have not been joining in up until now, end of term and summer holidays (etc. etc.) getting in the way as usual. Two things however, have spurred me into action! The first is that I am very aware that the only way my crochet will continue to improve is by following some patterns and making things that I haven't before. I have a tendency to make what I already know, or try and work it out for myself. Second, the last two patterns of Crochet Camp, they fit this perfectly.

This week has been all about the Beginner Flower. Now I have made a flower before but I have avoided anything that involves working into the back of loops/stitches or looks even slightly 3D. I like flowers to be quite instant. A quick fix of crochet and a completed project in under half an hour - what could be better? So I thought I'd give Kat's pattern a go... (I should note here that the pattern is written for the petals to be all one colour and also comes with leaves.)
Flower One: Cotton Aran, 4.5mm hook, slightly wonky middle, I was also concerned the flower might be a bit flat.

Flower Two: Cotton Aran, 5mm hook (as per pattern, why can I never follow instructions to start with?), centre better, flower flatter than the first, tension possibly too loose.

Flowers Three, Four, Five... (got a little carried away)... Six and Seven:  Much happier. I swapped to a current favourite cotton dk and 3.5mm hook, a tighter tension seems to work better for me and the beauty of small projects is that you can always have another go... and another.... and another...

I also, accidentally, made a couple of smaller flowers. I have found that crocheting flowers, or anything else for that matter, if I'm not careful can result in sleep deprivation. One clear indicator that I have passed that optimum moment of putting down the project and going to bed is when I start snipping yarn at the end of a round when the pattern doesn't call for it.

I did this twice and ended up with smaller flowers, but I really like them alongside the larger ones and I have already started a project to put them all on...

... but that will have to wait for another time. xxx

p.s. do go and check out Crochet Camp, it's great!

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  1. I adore your flowers and you sound like me I can never stop at one x


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