Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bits, Bobs and Buttons

It has been nearly two whole weeks (already?) since I last managed to organise some words and pictures into something resembling a blog post.

Summer Holiday = Children at Home All Day = Not Much Time for Making Stuff

I've managed a few bits and bobs though, here and there, when there has been a little bit of time and also in the evenings if the kids haven't worn me out to the point of not being able to lift a crochet hook! There were a few things I had planned to get done. One of which was to make something to go with the Crochet Camp Flowers and I'm please to say I did! I made a cushion!

And here it is with the flowers on...

Although, having finished it and being so, so pleased with how it turned out (I've wanted to crochet a cushion for ages... this is the first one!), I don't really want the flowers on it any more. There is something very pleasing about the neat rows of treble crochet that make me feel it doesn't really need any extra embellishment.

I love the buttons too and I was particularly pleased with how the way I envisaged the closure of the cover working in my head actually worked in practice. Can you tell I am quite proud of my first ever crochet cushion! I will post a pattern very soon, it's very simple. I think I'll just have to make something else for the flowers.

Whilst rummaging for buttons to finish off the cushion, trying to find the right ones (all the same? contrasting colour? mixed? vintage?), I realised I had completely forgotten about some of the lovely things lurking un-loved at the bottom of the tin. The colours are gorgeous: lovely muted vintage tones and pastels with the odd bright and shimmer of mother-of-pearl.

I particularly love the Glace Cherry Red, the Soft Greys and Apricot tones and the combination of Green (which reminds me of angelica cake decorations) and Bubblegum Pink at the bottom. They are in need of a project though, they've been at the bottom of the button tin for too long and deserve to be shown off a little. Only trouble is I have no idea what to do with them, do you?
The red particularly catches my eye, in my mind it goes with just about everything at the moment and I'm pretty sure I will still love it come chillier evenings in Autumn (it's happening already isn't it?). With that in mind, and a need to start the next Crochet Camp project, my Cold at Night Hand Warmers are being worked in a Pillarbox Red cotton. I love them already, or "it" I should say, this is still the first one!

 I love the stitch definition that the cotton gives. It shows off Kat's Puff Stiches beautifully.

Just a little more length and I'm nearly there (ooooh, and a button to finish). The second one should be quicker and hopefully I'll be sitting here typing away in them in no time.


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  1. Your cushion cover is fantastic, I love the colour combinations and look forward to the pattern :-)


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