Monday, 24 June 2013

A Stolen Sunflower

As is often the case, whilst making one thing I am often thinking of the next. Thus, whilst making the Granny Hexagon Blanket, it became apparent that the hexagons (made of clusters of trebles), resembled flowers, and the yellow (yes, I am embracing the yellow for the moment) reminded me of sunflowers. So obviously, with a little tweaking, I could make a sunflower (and a pincushion - I need a pincushion).

I love combining fabric and yarn, so I went for a rummage in the various boxes and baskets of fabrics and scraps I have lurking on shelves to find a suitable centre for my sunflower. I was hoping for something with a little more pattern to it, but I was happy enough with this brown cord. It had lovely texture, if not pattern.

It turned out better than I hoped and was looking forward to sticking pins in it.

It was getting late, too late to start rummaging for pins and taking nice photos. Photos would be much better in the morning anyway, when there would be some natural light!

So I went to bed and left the sunflower on the table for the morning... and it was found by my youngest first thing, who is currently fast asleep with it in her bed having not let go of it all day!

Hence the dark photos, and the lack of pins, and my remaining need for a pincushion! I will make more however (not that I need an excuse), and post a pattern in due course, remembering to hide them before morning this time.
p.s. Off for a peek at Handmade Monday...


  1. It's a really lovely sunflower - I can see why your youngest has claimed it. I think the brown cord looks great as the centre of the sunflower too.

  2. What a great idea. Sunflowers are very cheerful and will bring cheer to you and your pins (should you ever manage to reclaim it!!)

  3. What a lovely sunflower! Should you ever get it back, it really will be a great pincushion x

  4. Love your sunflower! And the cord works so well as the centre. Such a good idea, and sweet your daughter's taken a shine to it! :)

  5. How cute! You could even make some summery coasters in the same style without the stuffing? :-)

  6. Lovely! Perhaps you'll just have to make more :)

  7. Love it - I like the idea of mixing materials too. You may have to make another one, it sounds like it might be lost for good! :)) Em (lululoves)


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