Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Birthday and the Blanket

It has been a busy, birthday week this week. We've had cake - for my eldest, Elspeth's, seventh birthday...

(I had two helpful assistants when decorating the cake which meant that every single type of decoration available had to be sprinkled and poked, if not eaten first, onto the cake)
...and a Mud Party in the garden.
The children are rarely as intently engaged in their activity as when they are making mud pies.
My blanket got a bit of attention too.
 Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. It is sooooo helpful to hear other people's point of view. Making is quite often a solitary pursuit and having a whole new community to ask for assistance is fantastic!
I've bought some more yarn! Not the most frugal solution, but a very satisfying one.

 I'm much happier with the colours now. The teal is balanced out by a couple more darker colours and there are some lighter and brighter ones too to stop the colours becoming too heavy - although realistically, I thought, if I have lots of yarn I can just get on with the blanket, not worry about the colours or where they go, and the finished thing will probably turn out ok! We shall see...




  1. Hope Elspeth had a lovely birthday - that cake looks delicious! Your blanket looks great, i love the colours. Em xx (Lululoves)

    1. Thanks Em. The cake was nice, inspite of the requested choc and lemon combination (I interpreted it quite loosely)!

  2. Love the blanket! The colours go really well together. I see you are from Norwich....boy I miss the wool stall on the market! I'm from Norwich and moved up North at the beginning of the year- there is no where here that sells such good yarn at such a reasonable price! Blog looks great, really enjoyed reading it xx

    1. Thanks Sally. The yarn for the blanket came from the market! x


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