Thursday, 4 July 2013

Super Summer Cape

I always look forward to Summer Term. It conjures images of bright, sunny mornings; being able to leave the house without coats on; no socks, just sandals (always a good thing, socks are a nuisance); playing in the garden after school and feeling like the day isn't over at 4pm. What I always forget about Summer Term is how the days vanish, taken up with assemblies, school trips, sports days, and this year, as we have one moving up to Junior School, one starting Infant School and one starting Pre-school, there are also endless 'new parents evenings' and 'introductory sessions'. Summer Term is busy; so making needs to be quick!

Obviously, when things are this hectic there is only one thing to do... spend 24hrs wearing a shiny red mask (literally, even in bed) and get your Mum to make a cape to match!

A speedy cape, no stitching involved.

I found some fabric, laid it out on the floor and marked the centre of one straight edge. Next, I tied some string to the end of a pen, asked Martha, my 4yr old assistant, to hold the string in the centre of the edge of the fabric whilst I drew a large semi-circle with the pen. Then, I used a plate to draw another semi-circle for the neck (you could also shorten the string and use it again for this bit). This is what the shape should look like once cut out:

To adjust the length of the cape simply adjust the length of the piece of string tied to the pen. I made some ties for the cape by bunching up the corners at the neck edge and knotting a bit of ribbon to each. Obviously you could sew them on, but this worked well enough and it meant that Evelyn's cape was finished in about 5 minutes. Hey presto! A happy 2yr old - perfect for making extra-super mud pies.


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