2014: The List

A list of fourteen neglected projects that I hope to finish in 2014. These date from as far back as 2006; I am an habitual non-finisher it seems! The following blog posts chart my progress and the list serves as an incentive to keep going. I have deliberated over whether to give this series of posts more structure, a weekly 'slot' perhaps, but sometimes projects start to loom burden-like when deadlines are imposed and neglect becomes all the more likely again. These projects need to be the things I can pick up and carry on with when I have a few moments or something to sit down with and focus on for a few hours. Flexibility... a good word for 2014 I think.


A new list for a New Year (the list in full!)

A bit of knitting (knitted rabbit progress)

Something simple (Martha's blanket)

Blanket catch up (more of Martha's blanket)

Finished: Martha's Ripple Blanket (Hooray! One down, thirteen to go!)

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