Easy Crochet Cushion

This is my first crochet cushion pattern (many more to come I hope!). It is constructed in a tube which then fits around the cushion pad, one end is sewn up and the other fastened with buttons. It's super simple. Each round, except the first, is started with a "standing stitch" and finished with a "faux stitch" in exactly the same way as this Mandala from A Creative Being. I've also added my own standing stitch tutorial here. This gives a really neat finish to the cushion and no seam.

You will need:

2 x each 50g balls Freedom Sincere DK Cotton in:
A - Blueberry 624
B - Peach 626
C - Peony 625
D - Lime 617

30 x 40cm cushion pad
3 x buttons
3.5mm crochet hook
3 x stitch markers
Darning needle for finishing rows and weaving in ends

Stitches (UK Terms):

sl st - slip stitch
tr - treble crochet (replace with dc - double crochet for US terms)
standing stitch (tr) - fasten yarn onto hook with a slip knot, yarn round hook, insert into work at starting point, yrh, pull through, yrh, pull through first two stiches on hook, yrh, pull through remaining stitches on hook, one (tr) standing stich made.


For the foundation chain, using Yarn A, chain 110 and join with a sl st to form a circle, taking care not to twist the chain. (tip: if the foundation chain is a bit tight, use a 4mm crochet hook and then change to a 3.5mm hook for the rest of the pattern).

Round 1 (Yarn A): ch3, 1tr in each chain around, fasten off in top of ch3.
Round 2: Join Yarn B using standing stitch away from join just made, 1 tr in each tr around, fasten off to top of standing stitch.
Rounds 3 - 44: Join next yarn colour using standing stitch, 1tr in each tr around, fasten to top of standing stitch.

Turn cushion cover inside out. Using Yarn A, sew or crochet over the end of Round 1 to close one end of the cushion.

At this point it is useful to check the length of the cushion by inserting the cushion pad into the cover. You should just be able to pinch the last round together over the end of the cushion pad, if needs be, continue in pattern and add extra rounds until this is the case.

Button Band:

Work the button band in Yarn A

Round 45 + 46:  join to work using standing stitch, 1tr in each tr around, fasten off. (To keep a neat seam free finish, it is best to fasten off each round and rejoin for the next round even if continuing in the same colour yarn)

Insert cushion pad into cover and using stitch markers, mark the position of where you wish the buttons to be placed by putting one marker in each of three stiches. Remove pad from cover.

Round 47: join yarn to work using standing stitch, 1tr in each tr around, when a stitch marker is reached (1tr in tr before marker, ch1, skip stitch containing marker, 1tr in next tr), continue 1tr in each tr around, fasten off. Button holes made.

Round 48: join yarn to work, 1tr in each tr around, fasten off.

Using Yarn A and darning needle, sew 3 x buttons to the inside opposite edge of the button band, corresponding to the button holes.

Insert cushion pad...Ta Dah! Admire your lovely stripey cushion!



  1. Sería muy interesante el paso a paso o gráficos. De esta manera se entendería todo.


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