Saturday, 6 December 2014

Clearing the way and catching up

As things gear up for Christmas, I find I need to clear out to make room for what is to come (obscene amounts of toys, generally). It would be nice if, come Boxing Day, all the stuff that will have arrived in the house the day before could be neatly filed straight into it's new home. If each new toy that is to become part of our household already had a place to belong, maybe we could avoid that awkward bit where the boxes and bags and pillowcases (stocking alternative in our house!) full of stuff are loitering about downstairs waiting to be allocated a little bit of space amongst our existing clutter.

I'm feeling the same about my crochet at the moment. I've been doing quite a lot, finishing a few things off, but itching to get on with a some festive tasks too; something to add a bit of sparkle and decoration to our otherwise drab and clutter-filled home. It's December, we are now well into the daily chocolate ritual that will last until the 25th and I'm being asked about the tree, lights, boxes of shiny things in the loft....

Before I can do any of that, I need to tell you about this...
I have finished a hat, for myself. A granny hat, in a granny stitch and it quite fittingly makes me look like a granny, albeit with a warm head!

It's a grown up version of the ones I made for my girls, here. I'll write up the pattern separately and pop it over on the sidebar soon.
I made an infinity scarf (I think that's what it is! - I sewed the ends together to form a loop...) from my conker coloured yarn (Louisa Harding,  5mm hook). I fancy a wider and/or longer one in a different colour (probably grey), so when I do that I will make proper notes and write up the pattern.

There are the usual woolly things pootling along in the background. I might get that sock finished before Christmas and Elspeth's blanket is one of those long term projects - I don't expect it will be finished any time soon...

Now we're all caught up and my head is a bit clearer, I might go and find those lights....

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  1. That's rather smart, not Granny at all, and very cheery on a grey day I imagine in that cheery yellow.


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