Monday, 30 June 2014

I decided to frog it...

The rainbow rug, in it's current state, is on it's way to being no more.
It is the right decision. I think I decided it was quite a long time ago but the amount of work I'd put in so far made me hesitant. I was jolly impressed by how many people liked it - thanks so much for all the comments. There's nothing better than a community you can turn to for a bit of yarny advice.
 I have a few ideas of how it might come back together but I'm going to have a good play with these lovely balls of colour before making any final decisions.
In other hooky news... I've been making half-hexagons to fill the gaps in my blanket.
And I'm starting to put together some tutorials for a big hexagon blanket 'how to' as well.
Only the edging (and those ends) left to go....

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  1. Hello! I've popped over from Betsy Makes, I am admiring all the yarny love going on here! Sorry to hear about the rug, but you have to follow your instincts, or else it will bug you forever! And you have that gorgeous hexie blanket to keep your spirits up... Chrissie x


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