Saturday, 12 April 2014

In the garden

I am sooooooo thankful that the weather has been good enough for the children to be out in the garden. Lots. I'm not sure the snails are quite as pleased, but they are being fed and they have a new hotel (!).
Also a little dubious about the subsequent state of my newly cleaned floor, but muddy feet are a sure sign of much fun being had - and it's very peaceful inside when they're getting muddy outside. My desk is right next to the window that looks out onto the back garden, so if they're occupied enough I can get a little crochet fix whilst they're making pies and digging pits.
Glorious ruby leaves in the front garden. New leaves are the best.
And a woolly something for the birds...
My jar of snips was full (I've been collecting them diligently - I hate wasting yarn); we're hoping for colourful nests in the area. I have my suspicions that our cat keeps most of the birds away and we'll end up with a soggy mass of yarn in the birdfeeder. Worth a try though I think.

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