Monday, 6 January 2014

Frogging, again...

Not too downbeat about it though.

The yarn and the colours are a dream to work with in classic granny. Rarely does something come out better than I envisaged it in my head (I usually expect the opposite) and this seems to be working in spite of a couple of sizing issues.

A tale of three hats: the first, above, far too small no matter how much I wanted it to fit. No amount of squashing and squeezing my youngest's head into it was going to do; the second attempt, far too big, big enough for me in fact; number three, where I am at the moment, perfect fit I hope otherwise my patience might be tested in spite of the lovely soft yarn and reassuring rhythm of the stitch.

Now it's been wafted about in public, Goldilocks has her eye on it too.... she is in the park, "crocheting". I pointed out her error, "I can call it that Mummy, you know what I mean".

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