Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014: A New List for a New Year

Happy New Year everyone! This is my most favourite time of year. Always, every year. I love it.
It comes with such promise. A new blank page. A whole book of blank pages in fact, waiting to be scribbled on and coloured in. Filled with ideas.

At this time of year it feels like I have all this time stretching in front of me. Lots and lots of time to get done all the things that I want to do. All this time to fill with projects and things that need doing; the satisfaction of finishing things off and getting them just how I want them to be.

Of course, this is never really the case. I have three small children, it's not going to happen like this but at the moment it feels like it could. I could redecorate the whole house this year, if I plan to. I might even paint the floorboards (how I long to do this, clean painted floorboards in white or soft grey). I could work through my stash of yarn creating lovely things for my home and my family. I could write lots of patterns that people would want to make (but most of all would make sense!).

Lots and lots and lots of lovely possibilities.

Lots and lots of lovely things to plan, and planning inevitably requires that I make lists. The physical evidence of planning, followed by the satisfaction of crossing things off. Oh, so important, the crossing things off. It is what lists are for after all, isn't it?

So, to my list of things to be crossed off in 2014. A plan to finish the things I have started to make. The things that have been a little unloved, neglected and even sometimes forgotten. Left in rather unattractive carrier bags down the side of my sofa or in storage boxes gathering dust under my bed. Not a good place to be for projects that started out with such promise and a bundle of enthusiasm and possibility of their own.

I am rather ashamed to admit, after having a good dig around in all the hiding places for unloved projects in my house, that I found 14. Fourteeen!!!! neglected, abandoned projects in need of resurrection.

Here's the list....


2014: Things to be crossed off

1. Mystery Crochet (started: September 2013)
The unfinished product of a lovely course by The Mercerie that I completed at the end of last year.
2. Hexagon Spot Blanket (started: May 2012)
The first of several blankets on the list.
3. Martha's Ripple Blanket (started: May 2013)
I'd really like to finish this in time for Martha's birthday in March.
4. Pom Poms (started: June 2013)
Oh, how I love poms poms. I wrote a post about them here. I still have them, and need to do something with them!

5. Crochet Yoke Dress (started: can't remember! less than 2yrs ago!)
I'd planned one for each of the girls. Elspeth's I finished, Evelyn's never started. This is Martha's.
6. Camping Granny Hexagon Blanket (started: June 2013)
A lovely bright thing to be finished in time for the summer, I hope. I've posted about it here, here and here.
7. Knitted Rabbit (started: not sure, before Evelyn I think which would mean over 3 years ago)
I might do this soon, Evelyn loves rabbits and it's her birthday on the 11th (no pressure!).
8. Elspeth's Patchwork Curtains (started: Autumn 2010)
Not too far off being done I think, although not sure pink is still her thing (ooops!)

9. Vera's Tablecloth (started: not by me!)
I was given this only a few days ago, I'm adding it to the list so it doesn't get left down the side of the sofa!
10. Mandala Rainbow Rug (started: July 2013)
May need a complete rethink. Maybe.
11. Patchwork Blanket (started: May 2006)
The oldest thing on the list, started when I was expecting my eldest and deserves finishing for that reason if nothing else.
12. Daddy's old teddy
Not really a project as such, but I promised Martha I'd fix him ages ago and adding him to the list will, hopefully, prevent him from being over-looked again.

13. Harlequin Stitch Cushion Cover (started: Spring 2013)
Lovely yarn and a lovely stitch.
14. Honeycomb Shawl (started: October 2013)
I've worn it as it is, but really it's not finished.


So that's it. The things I want to take with me from 2013 into 2014. This is not a promise to get them all done, nor a promise to relinquish the urge to start anything new. It is definitely not a resolution. It is possible however, and that to me is quite exciting!

Now, what to finish first....


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