Monday, 14 October 2013

Little Woolly Pumpkin Pin Cushion - Free Pattern

This/last week (it all blends into one really doesn't it?) I have been trying to catch up on a few things. Not substantial things really, but a nagging list of crochet tasks in my head; the list I keep promising to write down somewhere public and visible, so the boxes of yarn littering the house and the late nights become more understandable.

I've started and finished a monkey:

I love making monkeys; I can use all the different sorts of yarn that I will probably never use for anything else, all the bits of yarn that are left over from other projects not to be repeated, as many colours and textures of yarn as I like.
I'm please with this one, she/he has a new home waiting already, which is probably just as well as I can see the children are rather smitten too.
I've also made (several) little woolly pumpkins. I fancied making something seasonal. Not usually an urge that I give in to, but autumn is lovely; such toasty warm colours. Not forgetting the scarves, legwarmers, hats, jumpers, lots and lots of woolly yarny goodness.
Not sure what to do with them at first, I realised they would make fab pincushions....

I am very tempted to make a super-large, non-pin, pumpkin cushion too.

Other non-crochet tasks include my ever-looming (and growing) bag of receipts... but that can wait until tomorrow I think.


p.s. popping over to Handmade Monday again this week...


  1. Very cute monkey and a great little pin cushion too

  2. Wonderful makes. I really like the fact the monkey is made from lots of different yarn.
    Ali x

  3. The monkey is fab and I like that you have found a way to make the pumpkins useful. Great spiral stalks!

  4. I think the crochet tasks sound far better than the non-crochet tasks. I am forever crocheting instead of getting other things done! x

  5. aren't you clever, your woolly pumpkins are just great! love the curly stalks! Heather x


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