Monday, 21 October 2013

Five Favourite Autumn and Halloween Craft Ideas

It's only one more week until Autumn half-term for us (I know for some people it's this week), and not long until Halloween too. I'm prompting the children for early costume ideas and making a mental list of activities to keep us busy if the weather is uncooperative.

There are so many great craft ideas to be found for this time of year. Here are five of my favourites:

// 5. DIY Leaf Lanterns // 
All of these are definitely on my to do list. I love the idea of spelling out a message for the trick-or-treaters and printing directly onto cotton with my printer seems particularly exciting (the tutorial for the treat bags comes with free printables too!).
Have a great half-term.
p.s. Linking to Handmade Monday again this week (apologies for not getting round to as many blogs as I'd hoped last week, I'll make up for it this week!) x


  1. I used to love doing Halloween crafts with my children when they were living at home, I love the jars, I may do some for myself this year.

    Jan x

  2. Some of those crafts look very interesting. I like the idea of painting on leaves - not something I had thought of doing before. The leaf lanterns also look interesting. Thanks for sharing. x

  3. I love those treat bags - very creepy crawly!

  4. Hi, hope you are well. Got some great ideas from this post- I love the leaf lanterns! Bizarrely I have just commented on two blogs (Coco Rose and Little Woolies) directly after you! Must be a Norwich thing :-) x

  5. The treat bags are so lovely - even if the contents make me feel a bit, er, unwell - great fun. Hope you have a good week.

  6. thanks for the leaf lantern idea, very effective! might try this, Heather x


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