Saturday, 8 June 2013

Granny Crochet and Sunshine

The sunshine had disappeared yet again today in Norwich, and yet again it was a bit chilly too. I'm not a big fan of toasting myself in the sun, but I did grab an hour of vitamin D during the week with my crochet hooks and a bag of new yarn.

I have a bad habit of leaving projects in the carrier bags they came in. I hate carrier bags, they seem to accumulate in our house completely unnecessarily. This is probably due to me forgetting to take some of the many other shopping bags out with me or thinking that whatever it is I'm going to buy can just go straight in the pushchair with everything else. Yarn, of course, is too precious to end up amongst the biscuit crumbs and bits of grape that seem to populate our pushchair, so it needs a bag. (NB: make a new shopping bag for yarn). 

Much better out of the bag, the colours looked lovely in the sunshine. This yarn (Stylecraft Special DK) is destined for yet another project. A blanket that can be used for camping and picnics, hence the 100% acrylic, washable yarn that will hopefully withstand more biscuit crumbs, grapes and a good trampling by three sets of small feet.

My other blanket - the one for Martha, is coming along too...

I'm really pleased with it's progress and the yarn is such a treat to work with. I find Martha having a sneaky peek herself every now and then to see how it's grown - it's nice to think that she'll not only have the blanket when it's finished, but also the memory of me making it.

Mrs Bx


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