Join-as-you-go: Half-Hexagon

Hello! This is the last in the series of tutorials for my Hettie Hexagon Blanket. Well done for making it this far! I'm guessing there has been a fair amount of yarn and tea involved (my favourite things), and I hope you've been enjoying it so far... we're nearly finished...
By this point, if you've been following all the tutorials, you should be familiar with the stitches and joining method. If you need a refresher, check back here at my Hexagon Tutorial for a detailed explanation of stitches, or at this Join-as-you-go Tutorial for a more detailed explanation of the joining method. The joining method for the half-hexagons is exactly the same as the one we used for the hexagons, apart from the start and finish. I'll show you how to do this here...
You will need:
Half-hexagon (completed up to one round less than your finished hexagons, yarn still attached)
Crochet hook
Darning needle
ch - chain
ss - slip stitch
tr - treble
dc - double crochet
tr3tog - treble three together (or three-treble cluster)
To start:
Working into the back of the blanket, 2dc into the corner of the hexagon you are joining to.

Crochet a tr3tog into the chain space at the base of your starting ch3.

3dc into the next chain space along the side of the hexagon you are joining to.
Continue to join the half-hexagon along the sides and round the corners using the same method we used for the hexagons.
Work up to, but not including, the last corner of the hexagon you are joining to and the edge of the half-hexagon. Next, tr3tog into the chain one space after the last tr3tog of your half-hexagon, here..
2dc into the corner space of the hexagon you are joining to, then ch1.

Crochet a tr into the space at the base of the last tr3tog you crocheted into the half-hexagon.

Fasten off and weave in the ends...

Now, if like mine your cup of tea has gone cold, make another and carry on... (have a couple of biscuits too)...

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