How to Crochet a Half Hexagon

Half hexagons are perfect for filling in the edges of a hexagon blanket to create a straight edge. The half hexagon made in this tutorial matches the hexagons for my Hettie Hexagon Blanket, but unlike the full hexagons that are worked in the round, this is worked in rows. 
This tutorial is intended to follow on from my How to Crochet a Granny Hexagon tutorial, hence I haven't explained the stitches I've used in as much detail (do pop back to the previous tutorial if you need a refresher...).
You will need:
DK yarn (I used Stylecraft Special DK)
4mm crochet hook
Darning needle
Stitches (UK terms):
ch - chain
ss - clip stitch
tr- treble
tr3tog - treble three together
To start:
Start with a chain of six and join to form a circle.
Row One:
Crochet a tr3tog into the centre of the starting circle.

Ch3 then work another tr3tog into the circle. Repeat again so you have three tr3tog worked into the circle, as below, each separated by ch3.
Ch1, then work a single tr into the circle. This completes the first row of your half hexagon.

Row Two: 
Ch4 and turn the hexagon over to work in the opposite direction.
Work a tr3tog into the ch1 space between the last tr3tog and tr of the last round.

Ch3, then work (tr3tog, ch3, tr3tog) into the next chain space.
Ch3 and repeat in the next chain space.
Ch3, then work tr3tog into the space between the starting ch4 and first tr3tog of the previous row.
Ch1 and work a single tr into the same space as the last tr3tog.

Row Three:
Ch4 and turn the hexagon over.
Start, as the previous round, by working a tr3tog into the next ch1 space.

Continue the row, working one tr3tog into the next chain space and two tr3tog into the following chain space. Remember to separate each tr3tog by ch3.

Work a single tr3tog into the next chain space, two tr3tog into the following chain space and a single tr3tog into the space after that.

Working into the next ch1 space, crochet (tr3tog, ch1, tr) all into the same space.

Round Four:
Ch4, turn and work one tr3tog into the ch1 space next to the finishing tr of the previous round, followed by a tr3tog in each of the next two chain spaces.

Continue the row, working two tr3tog into each of the corner spaces and one tr3tog into each of the side spaces. Remember to separate each tr3tog by ch3.

Crochet (tr3tog, ch1, tr) into the last ch1 space.

Round Five:
The same as Round Four, but remember that there will be an extra single tr3tog along each of the sides, otherwise, the corners, start and finish are the same.

Fasten off, and weave in the ends.

All finished!


NB: I found that the long 'straight' edge of the half hexagons has a tendency to curve slightly (as above). This straightens out once joined to the other hexagons.


  1. Thank you for easy to follow . I want to make a dress using half of a hexagon

  2. Thank you for easy to follow . I want to make a dress using half of a hexagon

  3. Thank you for easy to follow . I want to make a dress using half of a hexagon


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