Saturday, 19 September 2015


I can't think of a plant in my garden that I don't love (dandelions included). I even picked a few ground elder blooms and brought them inside this year - the leaves are edible too, but I've never tried.
I'm going to try and propagate a few of them this weekend. We're moving soon (we don't have a date just yet...) and I don't want to leave them all behind, (although, as pretty as those ground elder flowers were I'm not tempted to take any part of them with us!).
I'm not sure how successful my plant-making attempts will be. I'm no expert gardener, but I'm keen - I'll probably dig a bit it up, shove it in a pot and see what happens.  Certainly a cutting of our climbing rose might work (I saw Monty doing this on telly the other day), and I've rooted the himalayan honeysuckle before just by leaving some stems in a bucket of water.
The virginia creeper, borrowed from a couple of gardens away, is a beast, and I'm not sure I want to be battling with it in our new space even though it's rampant crimson glory makes a brilliant backdrop for the japanese anenomes - I think I take that photo every year! The anemones, and the sedums above, should be fine with my 'have-a-go' method - plants want to grow after all. I think a trip to the garden centre for a few supplies might be on the cards...
Have a lovely weekend xx 

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  1. Lovely photos. We have lots of grapes, too!

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