Monday, 23 March 2015


Hi! I'm still here...
My head has been full of craft fair plans and neglected laundry recently, so not much in the way of blog posts I'm afraid. The neglected laundry is tedious, and the craft fair plans, well interesting but constantly in flux and prone to crises of confidence. I will share all that with you soon.
Today however, I couldn't resist giving you a little peek at my stashbusting blanket...
I'm soooo pleased with it. Who knew I had all the yarn to make such a lovely thing hanging around in my house?
I've made 90 granny squares. I faffed and fussed over where to place them yesterday morning with a large mug of coffee, still in my PJs, with children and the cat tip-toeing around the edge.
It took a while, trying to make sure the colours were evenly spread out, no two the same next to each other, that kind of thing (the last one is always the hardest to place!). Lovely spring colours though, many of them rescued from this project here.
Each row turned into a neat pile, and numbered so I remember where they go.
I was worried about joining them with navy. It happened that I had somehow collected lots of navy yarn, it needed using, this is a stashbusting blanket after all, but seeing all the colours spread out on the floor I was suddenly concerned that they might lose some of their zing surrounded by such a dark yarn.
I needn't have worried.... I love how the blanket is turning out, it's my favourite one to date I think.
If you've been making any stashbusting projects I'd love to see - leave me a link in a the comments below and I'll come and have a look.


  1. It is a lovely blanket and I really like the blue.

    My stashbusting projects: I am currently working on a Spring Ripple blanket and I just finished a Spring Blanket with granny squares:



  2. Your blanket is looking great. I was told years ago that using navy brings a project together, but I don't find it an easy colour to work with.

  3. love the idea of joining with navy! it's going be great. X

  4. It is a lovely blanket. I like how the dark navy yarn really makes the colors pop. It's reminds me of a garden. Beautiful!

  5. I don't normally use neon but it looks great!! I do border with navy! Will subscribe to your newsletter and look forward to getting to know you xx

  6. I love the colors! May I ask what wool you are using please & thanks :)


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