Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Old thread, new thread, and a blanket...

These things have been occupying me.

A finished blanket! It's cosy and lovely and woolly and blankety. It is also off to it's new home tomorrow, so once I've safely delivered it, I'll fill you in on a bit more info and some more photos - for now it is only fair that the new owner gets to see their new blanket first...

Generally, I'm really crap at sticking to one thing and seeing it through (craft things, that is, I hope it doesn't apply to everything I do!). I get a bit bored, other projects look more interesting, etc., etc. Focussing on one project at a time seems, so far, to be helping. I've still a stack load of WIPs, but the next one I pick up won't be put down until it's done, and that's a satisfying feeling. Having finished one project already this year feels great, I'll definitely be doing more of it!
A small caveat to this (and I kind of knew there would need to be at least one) is that I will be keeping a few bits and bobs to sell ticking over in the background. For fairs, when they arise, and to pop online too.
This stitching isn't for selling however. I was inspired by this on Pinterest and decided to use up some of my fabric scraps. Although I love my sewing machine, I quickly realised that it should be a hand-stitching kind of project really - a digging out some old threads on wooden reels and spending far too long trying to thread a too small needle kind of project. It's coming along, slowly. And it's a nice kind of slowly, that is often accompanied by a cup of tea on the sofa and some mindless telly. Just right for this time of year, I highly recommend it.


  1. Oh, I'm so excited to see the blanket in all it's beauty. It's looks lovely!

  2. What beautiful photos! And good on you for sticking to one thing at a time and finishing it. It can be hard, but definitely worth it in the long run. I look forward to seeing the finished blanket

    1. Thanks, Isabel. Sticking to one thing at a time is definitely a test of my willpower! x

  3. Ah yes, the threading a needle problem, me too!

    What we can see of the blanket looks lovely :o)


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