Thursday, 18 September 2014

Conkers and comfort knitting...

We are in full conker stock-piling mode at the moment. Squirrelling them away for goodness knows what?! Constant counting and comparing... "Mummy, I've got forty one!". Making sure our morning or afternoon route passes the conker tree.
Leaves are changing and beech nuts are falling from the tree outside our house; on a windy day you can hear them snapping, crackling and popping on the pavement like over excited Rice Krispies (anyone for whom Rice Krispies are not a familiar breakfast staple you can see what they are here...!).
But, in spite of the weather refusing to give in to Autumn completely, we've all been sniffling and achy and full of cold this week. A little comfort knitting was in order to satisfy my need for wool. I think, although warm afternoons picking up from school are easier (not as many layers to negotiate), I'm having to resist the urge to wrap up. My favourite time always being that when the weather's on the turn, when woolly accessories will suffice to keep out the chill without the need for a coat. It will be here soon... a little patience.
Squishy squashy woolly garter-stitch untidy stripes.
With a vague idea of a small person scarf somewhere in there too. A bundle of wool, mainly Rico Merino Aran leftovers from other projects, and 5mm knitting sticks - positively branch-like compared to the toothpicks I've been sock knitting with.
Pom poms to finish. I wonder whether I have the patience for a much larger, longer version....

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  1. I love your scarf! I wish I had the knack for knitting, but I've tried and tried and just don't like it much. Crochet is my love. I will remember this, though, if I ever do get the urge to pick up some needles again. The pom-poms are a nice embellishment! So cute.


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