Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Here I am...

... a week into the summer hols and with a bit of catching up to do. We had an end of term flurry of sports days, picnics, shows etc. All lovely, but all crammed into a very short space of time.
We're settling into the holidays now and enjoying the very summery weather. Crochet time is sporadic, but there has been a little, mainly evenings as usual, and the hexagon picnic/camping blanket (I'll settle on a name soon!) is nearly done.
As mentioned is my last post, the edge went a little wavy on the first attempt...
Too many stitches, so it had to come off and I've started again - with more success this time!
It's laying much flatter now, although if I was being picky I'd say it's a little too tight. Better though, and fine for the job of being sat on! I've been straightening up the wobbly edge with a mixture of dc, htr and tr stitches (UK terms) and carrying on along the straight edge with granny stripes - I plan to carry this on around once all the edges are straight (or near enough straight!).
Not wanting to buy any more yarn for the edging, I have been picking up the left over balls fairly randomly and using them up, starting a new colour when one runs out and not worrying about joining mid-row. I think it's working fine; I'm happy going round and round using up yarn. The last row will need to be a complete row so there might be a little yarn left over (I'll have to gauge the last row carefully to avoid having to rip it back), but not much I hope - very satisfying.
As usual, I've given myself an arbitrary deadline.... we're off camping for a couple of nights on Friday. I'd like to have it finished by then. If not, I'll probably take it with me anyway - I'm sure no-one will notice a few loose ends!


  1. Your hexagon blanket is really an amazing design. It's lovely. I finished my version of Martha's Blanket
    Your blanket was so much fun to make. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful pattern. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer :)

    1. Hi Pat, Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment and sharing your link - it's such a treat for me to see your beautiful ripple blanket. Claire x

  2. That is such an amazing blanket! Chrissie x


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