Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Work space...

In our house, finding some space is a constant struggle. There are five of us living in a small Victorian terrace, so it's no great surprise. Admittedly, three of us are still rather small, although getting bigger on a daily basis; the battle for space continues with constant jostling, reorganising and occasional elbowing.

My latest solution to try and claim a corner for my own is this rather lovely bureau I found on eBay. I am no less than chuffed to bits with my new work space. I can put stuff in it! My stuff, and quite a lot of it. All in one place.

A quick clear-out, new drawer linings ( a bit of left over wrapping paper and a couple of pillowcases)...

... and of course, some yarn.

Pretty much ready to go; I can't wait to get stuck in. The light by the window should be perfect for lots of pictures and the nooks and crannies in the desk are perfect for stashing my camera, notebooks and other bits and bobs. (I do love bits and bobs, and nooks and crannies too come to think of it!)

The best bit?

Tucked away in the corner, back to the room, I should be able to ignore the debris and chaos created by five people living in a small house.... if only for a little while anyway.


p.s. now that I have my new work space I'm hoping to get a pattern for Martha's blanket sorted soon...

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