Monday, 27 January 2014

Last week

I like looking back over what I've done. It helps inform what I'm going to do - helpful on a Monday morning when all the children are out of the house and I'm faced with many more possibilities than there are hours in the day. It is easy for a week to go by with no sense of anything being achieved; we are all just holding back the tide sometimes, aren't we?

So, last week...

...there was another bobble hat

and a 'How to make a crochet bobble hat' tutorial, if you feel so inclined...

The hyacinths that I was given by a lovely friend have been in full bloom all week, and they have been perfuming the house very nicely indeed.

My mum noticed my makeshift mitten-come-case for my camera when she visited and sent me a very, very much appreciated handmade replacement.

Maybe most satisfyingly, I have turned an unworn (due to shrinkage) pair of socks in to some wristwarmers and a couple of sleeping bags for a doll's house - nothing wasted.

I do love a bit of thrift and I detest socks hanging around the house without a purpose, but more on this to come soon.

It is reassuring to see that there were snippets of loveliness (hyacinths and handmade gifts) and productiveness (recycled socks and new hats) in amongst the routine chaos. There were also exciting conversations and possibilities for the coming weeks... time to get on I think.


p.s. There's a new button at the top right hand side of the blog.... yes, up there. It's a handy link to my list of things I would like to finish off in 2014. A place to put relevant blog posts and The List itself, a place to keep track of progress (and to remind myself not to start too many new things!).

I haven't been over to Handmade Monday in a while... do pop along too.


  1. how cute a sleeping bag for the doll :P brill idea! love the hat x

  2. Love the sleeping bag! And the colours in the hat are wonderful. Have a good week x

  3. Great idea for the socks. The doll looks so snug.

  4. What a great idea for the socks, I love adding little bits and pieces of handmade stuff to my daughter's toys. Have a good week.

    1. Always satisfying to see them playing with stuff I've made (or in this case snipped off the bottom of an old sock!). Hope you have a good week too x


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