Monday, 2 December 2013

November Snips

A term coined by my youngest to refer to the little bits of yarn snipped off after weaving in ends.
November has been busy. Too busy it seems for blog posts, but not for crochet. There has been plenty of that going on and plenty of snips being produced to keep my littlest occupied. She waits for them, "More snips?" and incorporates them into whatever is occupying her imagination at the time.

Whilst I'm playing with a new stitch and some new alpaca yarn, she is adding 'sprinkles' to her  make-believe cake or 'cheese' to her imaginary pasta.
They are worms to be wiggled, or simply colours to be collected into a bag and saved for another game.

Snips are the busy little products of my attempts to turn all the boxes of things that have caught my fancy into something more orderly. Some bag linings are the lovely excuse for a new mountain of vintage fabric.
There many different colours of merino that wait to be turned into teds.
And soft cotton slowly being turned into rabbits.
Eventually, order starts to emerge.
Piles of neat crochet, waiting to be assembled into their final incarnation.
Although now I've got to wait for the stuffing to arrive........
More to follow soon. It is "that time of year" again, or so I've been told.

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  1. Awwr, that's so cute! I hope the fairs are going well. They are so much work, way more that I ever thought they would be! I think lots of people have been a bit slow on the blog front recently.....too much other stuff to do!


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