Friday, 6 September 2013

Three First Days

We had three first days to contend with yesterday: Junior School, Infant School and Preschool.

All very excited and a little bit more grown up than they were the day before.

I couldn't help but channel my maternal fussing into the creation of a new bag for Evelyn to take to preschool. She chose (with a little encouragement) some lovely Belle & Boo fabric to match her new lunchbox.

I added her name and a very simple double crochet edging.

They all had a fantastic time.

To celebrate, we had "First Day at School Cake" as soon as we got in.

Topped with frozen banana ice-cream (well, more like custard once my inefficient blender had managed to puree the frozen banana!) which was a resounding success.

Long may the first day enthusiasm continue!


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  1. First day at school cake sounds like an excellent idea. Looks very tasty.

  2. Love the cake idea! It's nice they all had a new start at the same time!

  3. Can see why she chose that cute fabric! And 1st day at school cake is a fantastic 'cake excuse!'

  4. The cake is such a brilliant idea. Will bookmark it for January!

  5. They all look lovely for their first days, and that fabric is so cute - I bet she was very proud of her new bag :)

  6. What a big day for all your girls! My little munchkin starts pre-school this week to, maybe I shall be making a nice tasty cake as a reward! The bag you've made is great too, and with her name on it she should always be able to find it.

  7. Your cake looks delicious, its making me hungry! Hope your girls had a good first week back.

    Sally x

  8. OOo is the cake really only for the first day back? It must be more common surely it looks sooooo good. Your girls all look so lovely and happy. I hope it continues. xx


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