Monday, 26 August 2013

An Inspiring Garden

I have done little in the way of making this last week, so I thought instead I would share some inspiration for making. Beautiful colours and textures just waiting to influence a new...
...well, something. I'm just not sure what yet!

This is Piet Oudolf's Millennium Garden at Pensthorpe in North Norfolk. It was an unexpected highlight (for me!) of a family day out. We were there to take in the "Medieval Spectacular" - a bit of jousting, some storytelling, knights fighting, plenty of people in costumes and a witch hunt ending in the possibility of a public hanging (the children were fascinated by this bit). I must admit, none of us, even the children (public hanging aside) were particularly taken with the medieval goings on and we have promised to go back and enjoy the wildlife reserve (and hugely successful adventure playground) on a quieter day.

This garden is beautiful. I remember hearing about it a few years ago and I must have a made a mental note at the time... it's close by and should be visited in late summer. Suddenly here we were and all those bits of memories and hearing about it clicked into place.

The garden itself is a huge source of inspiration. The combinations of colours are stunning and the softness of the grasses when viewed from a distance is so beautiful.

Individual plants too shine out, like this Sedum with it's dark aubergine stems and cream flowers with a hint of delicate green and soft pop of pink.

The Echinaceas too with their amazing contrast in texture and form. I have long wanted one in my own garden, maybe this is the prod I need to finally seek one out.

So many ideas to digest and mull over. A visit to the yarn shop is imminent. I have another project for which I need to buy more yarn, but the temptation will be there... the itch to start something new has begun!

I hope you too have had an inspiring weekend xx


  1. Wow..what a beautiful site!
    This reminds me of home..I grew up across from a Wildlife Conservation Area and spent many many hours walking and exploring. Thank you for adding this beauty to my day :D

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Looking at this beautiful garden makes me feel like I am in a Monet painting. Lovely.

  3. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. Wish I had know about this special place when we were in the area. Must make a mental note for next time :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. Lovely photos of a lovely place, thank-you for sharing brought back memories of when I'd visited. Have a great week, Jo x


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