Sunday, 19 May 2013

Slow Crochet

The beginning of this year has felt rushed (can’t believe we’re nearly half way through already), and to provide some contrast to this I’ve been in need of a slow project. Something that can tick along in the background, which can be picked up and remembered in the nooks and crannies of time that appear now and then. A project that doesn’t have a deadline, that doesn’t need the yarn for the whole thing sitting there looming, waiting to be used and in danger of becoming a purposeless addition to the ever growing ‘stash’. Something that I can buy for as and when needed. A blanket seemed an appropriate choice (and obviously not one, but three!), one for each of the girls. So I’ve started with Martha’s, and already I’ve bought more yarn than I need and already I’ve been sitting down every night doing too much, staying up a little bit too late…


I chose to make Martha a wavy blanket in colourful stripes, the red to pick up the colour of her bed, the pink and purple was specifically requested and the blues tone it down and stop it from being too girly (and the orange, I love orange). All interrupted by a pale cream which lightens it and gives it a more contemporary feel.
The yarn is lovely – Rowan Softknit Cotton, a beautifully soft cotton blend yarn that gives a lovely definition to the stitches and will make a super snuggly blanket without becoming too heavy. It’s not cheap, but justified by reasoning that this blanket is an heirloom in the making and seeing as I am not going to buy all the yarn at once (!), it will also be affordable over a longer, slower, period of time (am I convincing anyone yet?).

The pattern I’m using is a simple wave with a 12st repeat, I will post the pattern soon, but for now, another picture (the sun had gone in when I took these I’m afraid).
Mrs B x

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