Standing Stitch Tutorial

I found this great way of starting a new round/row/colour over at A Creative Being and decided to write my own tutorial for it as I have already been using it loads. Instead of chaining the appropriate number at the beginning of a new round (i.e. ch3 for a row of trebles), it allows you create a stitch preventing any visible difference between the first stitch and those around it, giving a lovely neat finish to the work. I have written this tutorial to create a treble stitch, but it could easily be worked to create whatever stitch your project requires, just adjust as necessary.

Here we go:

Join yarn to hook with slip knot as if starting a new project:

Yarn round hook (I find it helpful to keep the slipknot in place with a finger):

Insert yarn into work, yarn round hook and pull through creating three loops on the hook:

Yarn round hook, pull through first two stitches, yrh, pull through remaining stitches. Standing stitch made!

Once you get the hang of it, it is easy to see that it is just a normal treble crochet stitch, but starting with a slipknot on your hook. A double crochet stitch could be created in exactly the same way, by starting with the slipknot on your hook and working into your project as you would for a normal dc.

Once the standing stitch is made, continue in pattern.

It really is that simple.


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